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European Marches against Unemployment - News and Archives



Manifestation et debats a Venise (Italie) des 12,13 et 14 septembre 1997


After the EuroMarches

Informations by the Euromarch Secretariat in Paris

Reports on the Demonstration in Amsterdam, June 14, 1997

Reports on the EuroMarches

The Florence Appeal (french, english, german):

Why the Marches against Unemployment?:

Preparatory Meeting in Paris (21 and 22 September 96)

Preparatory Meeting in Brussels (November 30th 1996)

Technical Co-ordination Committee in Brussels (1st February 1997)

European Hearings against Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Exclusion in Brussels (22 and 23 of February 1997)

The Situation in the Netherlands

International Coalition for the Alternativ Summit (Amsterdam)

The Situation in France

The Collectif "Solidarté contre l'exclusion" from Belgium

The British Steering Committee

The Situation in Italy

The situation in the spanish state

The Situation in Finland

The Situation in Denmark

Infos und Texte des schweizerischen Organisationskomitees (Switzerland)

Infos und Texte des EuroMarsch-Komitee in Österreich (Austria)

Infos und Texte der Bundeskoordination in der BRD (Germany)

Infos und Texte regionaler Vorbereitungstreffen in der BRD (german regions)

Berichte von den EuroMaerschen in der BRD (german)

Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) und Euromarsch gegen Arbeitslosigkeit

Official Unemployment Statistics


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