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International Composing Projects

Did you ever compose your own pop songs? Did you discuss the results with sympathetic friends? - From other countries? Did you introduce their musical ideas into your songs? Publish them in the Web? Get into TV with your work?

If you answer yes to all above, why not get in touch with us and tell us more.

If you wonder how this can be done by some motivated students and a couple of teachers, have a look at our pages and tell us what you think about it.  

Our current Partners

Contact Person

Michael Caesar, Canberra, Australia

Brent Huber,Tokyo, Japan

Ludovit Macor,Trstena, Slovakia

Josef Thiesmann, Soest, Germany

 Stefan Hegenbart, Eitorf, Germany



Bertram Kloss, Bremen, Germany

Our Projects

Kidsong  94/95 (German abstract)
GII-Song 95
1995/96 Project
1996/97 Projects
1998/99 Projects (ICC-Hymn)
2000-2002 Projects

Musical Interactive Mosaic - Sehenswert!
Schülerbeitrag zu einem internationalen Wettbewerb

Our Songs (uncommented archives)

Kidsong 94/95
1995/96 Projects
1996/97 Projects
1997/98 Projects
1999 Projects (ICC-Hymns)
2000-2002 Projects

Our Discussion List (uncommented archives)

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Our Selves ;-)

Personal introductions of ourselves - now complete with photos and some melodies.

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